Our knowledge of High Voltage Substation and Generation design allows us to develop testing and maintenance programs to suit the client’s requirements for efficient and reliable operation of their electrical equipment.

We have expertise with start-ups, testing, initial operation, and commissioning of new units and with major modifications to existing technologies.

We can keep your project on track:

  • Develop turnover packages and initial testing programs
  • Coordinate and witness construction, preoperational, functional, startup, and commissioning testing
  • Train your startup and operating personnel
  • Coordinate final turnover package

RCMT's testing and commissioning capabilities include:

  • Commissioning QA Manual
  • Commissioning Procedures
  • Commissioning Management
  • Energization procedures
  • Protection systems
  • Control systems
  • Telecom and SCADA systems
  • GIS/AIS switchgear
  • Low Voltage AC and DC Systems
  • Medium voltage switchgear
  • Extra-High Voltage and High Voltage Transformers
  • Capacitor Banks

RCMT has performed commissioning services for clients worldwide.


RCM provides a comprehensive range of services
to the industrial marketplace
RCMT has designed hundreds of substations and switchyards worldwide.
RCMT has a deeply etched history in serving as an Owner’s Engineer.
Providing Project Management expertise based on industry experience and PMI methodology.
HV Substation and Generation design experience allows us to develop testing and maintenance programs
RCM offers Reverse Engineering for new plants and upgrades to existing plants.
Ongoing management, coordination and oversight of work during all phases of a construction project.
Offering complete Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) services to our clients.
Storage Tank and Facility Engineering Services